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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{what i wore} a splash of red, a touch of fancy and a bit of cute & funny

It's Wednesday and time for some fashion inspiration! I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy. If you're looking for ideas for your wardrobe, the possibilities are endless, just go look and see, all the women who participate, it's inspiring! Now...GO SEE! :)

{what i wore} FCW Benefit

{what i wore} church, and dressed down for Benefit set-up
(I found the teal/silver shirt and the red cardigan on sale racks at Maurices. With my full punch card, I got both for $12! SCORE! and the brown pumps were .25 thrift store find)

{what they wore} church...what a bunch of posers. :)

pleated poppy


Keetha Broyles said...

Jason, you are cracking me UP!

I love that you include the fam in this - where's Mack?

preethi said...

Those boots are so awesome - you look great!

lace, etc.

Kaleigh said...

I LOVE those boots, you my friend are a great deal finder! I think we need to go shopping :) And I love the pose pics, hilarious!

kaleigh x

The Gambrel Family said...

so cute! Loving your outfits!!

I love that everyone is posing, it looks like a fun house. :)

Alyx said...

There are those shoes!

And lovin' the family WIW. Awesome!

Julie said...

You are so, so cute! Love those outfits...and really love those brown boots...and of course, Maurices. :) Are you losing weight? You look so skinny! :)

Danielle {@} sugar blossom boutique said...

you look so pretty in red!! your family photos are adorable! i think you should take me thrift store shopping sometime while our girls play, dontcha think?? :)

pink coffee photo said...

You look great! Love that silver top and high five on the thrift store pumps!!!! How funny are those "posers"?!