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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bath time for Kaeleigh!!!


Shivendra said...

"deserve it..
swiggy says: http://jasonkeribaker.blogspot.com/
swiggy says: check that
Meha: u dont really deserve it unless u r giving it urself too
Meha: new blog?
swiggy says: no..
swiggy says: its one of those random blogs am looking at..
swiggy says: its a family blog .. and i seem to like the way it looks
Meha: he is sooooooooo adorable
swiggy says: Mackinley?
swiggy says: yeah!!.. "

That was an Exerpt of my conversation with a friend..

Am happy for you. And Mackinley in that Laugh-@-the-Frog picture is really nice. :)

Keetha said...

Don't know who you are, Swiggy - - - - - but thanks for liking our family on this blog. We like us too.


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