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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sentimental Supper

One night this week, I was feeling sentimental. About food, anyway. HA! I made my Mom's chicken and veggies with mashed potatoes (Mom used baked but we're a mashed family, hehe).

MJ liked it and ate it up!!

My Mom brought up the subject of my Aunt Pam's pies on another blog. So then I of course started craving one. I craved cherry pie when I was pregnant with MJ and never did find one good enough to cure the craving. Poor Jason drove all over Bluffton, bringing me pie from various restaurants but none of them were good enough. So I talked to Aunt Pam and she told me Kroger makes pies that are as close to homemade as you can get. Well, they of COURSE were out of cherry but we tried an apple cranberry and it was VERY good!! Not as good as Aunt Pam's, of course, but it was the best store bought pie we've had.

Jason serenades us with some after supper "horn" blowing. He did this one time and now MJ begs for the horn at every meal. LOL


Keetha said...

My old chicken recipe (which I MADE UP, btw) looks good enough to EAT!!! Maybe I'll have to make it again sometime soon.

The pie also looks wonderful.

Silly Jason - - - that ISN'T a horn, it's a VASE!!! :-)

Luna said...

LMAO nice horn! I'll have to see about hearing some of that!!

grammy said...

After seeing those big eyes of Macky's...you must post the recipe for the chicken dish. Didn't realize he was left-handed.

That was really sweet of Jason searching for your cherry pie. So glad you found one!!!!

Keri said...

We're not sure if he's left handed or not, Grammy. He does things with both hands like Korie.

Hmmm...the recipe...I don't use one. LOL! I use a can of cream of chicken soup and a can of cream of mushroom, with one can of milk. Then lots of cheese and I cook it all in the crock pot with chicken. The last hour or half hour of cooking I add a bag of frozen veggies. Salt, pepper, other seasonings to taste.