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Monday, April 14, 2008


Jason started this game with Mackinley a while ago. They hide under the blanket and try to peek out at me without me catching them. Mackinley loves it. I think Daddy enjoys it, too. :)


Lone Butterfly said...

I came to leave one comment and have 3 things now! :D

1 - LOVE the flipflop background, very cute!

2 - The pillow on your husband in this picture matches my living room perfectly - please tell me where you got it!

3 - I found the black-tie picture of me pregnant that I had been searching for. Thought you might appreciate it. :)

(This is a much longer comment than it was originally intended to be!) Have a great day.

Luna said...

HA HA!! They are caught!! LOL too cute!

Sarah said...

BUSTED!!! lol Abbie does this too...the other day she was under the blanket and said "Where Abbie do (go)"