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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mackinley's Prayer Requests

I just put Mackinley down for his nap. While I was saying his little naptime prayer, he interjected with "Dadday home. I keem". Which translates into "Please help Daddy come home with ice cream".

I call these little interjections his prayer requests, I mean, what else would they be? And what amazes me is he started it all on his own, with no guidance or help from me. It started the week Jason was gone for training, his first one was "Dadday home". It blew me away but I went with it and since then every time we have a prayer, he adds his own little part.

Some other things he prays for are (in order from most requested to least):

"Dadday home" (That's the most common one, since Jason is at work when it's Mackinley's bedtime)
"Papoo day" = let me see Papoo today
"Sissy home" = he wants Kaeleigh to come home
"Baby ni-ni" = he wants his little baby he sleeps with to go ni-ni. Although Momma likes to use it as a preparation for our newborn baby to go ni-ni! hehe

"From the mouths of babes" never wrang so true to me! He touches my heart.


Keetha said...

These are PRECIOUS.

OK - - - you better teach him "Kamma Day" too!!!


Keri said...

He's standing here right now, holding his shoes and crying while saying "Papoo!!!". It's pretty pitiful.

Runningamuck said...

Awww! So cute. I love the "Dadday home. I keem"! So so sweet. =0)

Lone Butterfly said...

Isn't it awesome when all the sudden the littlest ones start talking to God? I love to hear my boys pray.

Phil & Kathy said...

4 jobs I've held: Cashier at Ponderosa in Indianapolis, Transcriptionist at Maxon Corporation in Muncie, Fort Wayne National Bank, Loan Department in Fort Wayne, and Office Manager at P. A. Troyer, Inc. in Laotto.

Phil & Kathy said...

4 movies I could watch over and over: The Princess Bride, Becoming Jane, O Brother Where Art Thou and The Lake House.

4 favorite foods: Mexican anything, Flan, Prime Rib, Shrimp.

4 places I would like to be: Guatemala, Phoenix, Indianapolis, West Palm Beach.

Phil & Kathy said...

keri, I think i blew it. I didn't get the tag thing and I didn't post it on MY blog. Sorry! I am a little dense sometimes!

Keri said...

LOL Kathy! I just thought maybe you didn't want to post the whole thing on your blog so this was your way of playing along.

Thanks for playing along anyway!!!