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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Walk Down Memory Lane

My friend Faith (Watkins) Spaulding sent me these pictures of us from childhood. I've had so much fun looking at them and remembering the fun we had. Faith and I were best buds!! Together every Sunday after church, I think. LOL! This first picture is of a birthday party for Faith with a Care Bear theme. If I remember right, this is at IWU because her parents worked there and they lived on campus. (Mom, correct me if I'm wrong)

Making some crafts!

Another birthday party. I have no clue who any of these girls are except for me and Faith...Mom, maybe you can help? Oh...and WHY DO I HAVE A MULLET?!?! LOL

Dancing!! I love Paul in the sunglasses!

This one cracks me up. We're obviously playing dress up. But why on Earth Paul has a midevil weapon, I have a scrub brush, and Faith has a shovel is beyond me!!!

Waiting to perform...somewhere. Mom, can you help me out here? I don't think that's the Westview basement...where are we? Is it for the Easter Pageant maybe? (I'm the first one on the left in the back row, my friend Faith is the last one on the right in the first row)

Checking stuff out on the microscope.

Playing in the mud and loving my Heavilin Round Up t-shirt! LOL

Bonus! This one has Kelly in it! Must be Paul's birthday. Kelly is sitting on the end of the couch in the red shirt, I am dangling something precariously over Matt Hinton's head! Sorry, again, I have no clue who those other two boys are.


haley said...

OMG keri these were so funny! ALMOST as funny as your picture in that yearbook we were looking at together! i could send you that pic if you would like it. i took a picture of it with my phone LOL!

Keri said...

LOL Haley!! I'm assuming you're talking about my mushroom haircut and I still have huge glasses! That's my freshman picture and it's classic.

grammy said...

Oh, those pix are priceless and especially the three of you in your "dress-up outfits". Of course the "props" help to tell the story...whatever it is!!! Sooo cute.

Keetha said...

These are GREAT pictures, and I've never seen ANY of them before.

I believe the FIRST picture is in Watkin's apartment in Bowman Hall at IWU. Yes, that's where they lived when Lois was a resident director there.

I think the rest of the pictures that are in a house are in their house on John Street.

The picture where you and Westview kids are waiting for a performance is NOT at Westview, I THINK it's at RJ Basket Middle School - - - we did ONE Easter Sunday service there once. I see David Gafford in that picture - - - he's on the back row on the right corner. I also see Casey Huston in that picture - - - she's on the front row kinda behind the "adult" that is waiting there with you.

I don't know many of the other kids either. However, I think in the one with Matthew Hinton, the boy next to Kelly might be Jason Armes. That kid LOOKS like an Armes anyway.

Keri said...

Faith said she thinks the 2 boys in Paul's picture might be their neighbors on Nebraska.

I can't believe I didn't realize that was David!! Must be the make up that threw me off! hehe

Keetha said...

Well - - - that boy next to Kelly looks EXACTLY like Nick Armes who looks EXACTY like Jason USED to look - - - that was what I was going by, but what do I know?

About the MULLET - - - that was a very popular hair style at the time, and wasn't called a "mullet" then - - - so you don't have to call it a "mullet" now if you don't want to!!!!

Lois and I used to call those short side our "wings" - - - but don't know what they were ACTUALLY called in hair terminology. "Feathered sides" I think.

Luna said...

ROFLMAO!! Keri you are adorable as a child!! Love the hair! You are so easy to pick out in all them pictures!

Lone Butterfly said...

Oh, sweet Lordy - I love the 80's.

I think we had the same glasses growing up - and I thank God every day that lens have become smaller and lighter.

Adorable pictures! I enjoyed a walk down your memory lane.

Keri said...

Mom, there is nothing to call that hairdo but a mullet!! LOL!

And if it was so in style then why am I the only one who has it?!?!? hahahaha

Keetha said...

Well, Faith's "wings" may be a bit grown out there, and yours were freshly cut - - - but I happen to KNOW Faith had them too 'cause I'm the one who cut her hair in those days!!!!

Trust me - - - that hair-do was IN like FLYNN back THEN.

Hehehehehehehe - - - I'm a poet and I KNOW IT

Kittelson Korner said...

OMG Keri You were too darn cute!! Even with the Mullet! If you are serious about the Mullet being "IN" then that is Crazy! Loved looking at these Pictures Keri Thanks for sharing them with all of us!