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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is Anyone A Dream Interpreter??

Last night I had a crazy dream. Which isn't unusual for me...I always have very vivid and detailed dreams, pregnant or not.

In this one, I was at the hospital getting prepared for my c-section. My doctor came in and she said "I have bad news. You aren't carrying a baby....you're carrying a huge spider." I was extremely sad and horrified at the same time! How could this be?!?!

Well, I still had to have a c-section to get this monstrosity out of me. So while I'm hugging my Mom and sobbing in her arms, my doctor walks up and stabs a needle in my rear end! She said "I just thought I would get you numb while you weren't looking so you didn't feel it".

Next scene I'm in the Operating Room with my doctor standing over me. She has another needle in her hand and stabs it in my chest all "Pulp Fiction" style!! But of course in my dream, this was completely normal and didn't worry me at all...except when she couldn't get the needle out and fluid (not really blood...) started gushing all over the place. She was calling for a nurse to come in and help her and all the nurses were walking by saying things like "I'm on my lunch break" and "I'm off duty, sorry".

At that moment, I woke up to MJ being in my face saying "Hi Momma!!!".


I can only assume it's my mind trying to prepare me for the surgery by giving me the most impossible and insane situation so that whatever actually happens on that day pales in comparison and is easy peasy. :)


Keetha said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!

Maybe I better go to the hospital with you instead of staying with Mackinley.

I think you're right - - - it's a pressure dream. You told me you've had a bit of mental anxiety over the C-section.

If ANY doctors try to treat you like that, you CALL me and I'LL COME RUNNING!!!!

Lone Butterfly said...

Did you eat anything weird before bed? (And what is it with crazy dreams this week - my oldest Caterpillar had one, too!)

I'm going to continue to pray for you to have relief from any anxiety over this birth, and for everything to go well for you and your family. Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh.....so, all I can picture is you telling me this story...in person.....yes and I would be laughing a little! I have the craziest dreams too and I always remember them. Jay is pretty sure I smoke crack before bed! HA Hang in there girl! This baby will be here before you know it! Hope to see you at camp!
Love you, Tammy Landis Tropf

Keri said...

HEHE Mom!! My doctor would never do anything like this!

Lone - Nope, I didn't eat anything before bed, like I said, I always have very vivid and strange dreams like this!

Tammy - I think my hubby has said the same thing to me! LOL! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

Runningamuck said...

Wow Keri! I think you've outdone even my crazy preggo dreams! The good news is you only have a few more days and you can return to normal, slightly less crazy, dreams. =0)

Korie said...

sissy! I always have dreams I'm pregnant and give birth to kittens!!

we are dream crazy...

Char said...

I think it's stress. And a c-section's not so bad. You don't have to push and you get good drugs.

Phil & Kathy said...

Wow! What a crazy dream. You are a riot. Where is our Old Testament Joseph when we need a dream interpreted? :)

Did you mention why you are having a c-section? Did you have your little guy "c"? I thought maybe I missed something. What day are you scheduled to have your baby girl?

Keri said...

Kathy, I have thought the same thing!! I've always wondered why we don't have Jonah's or Joseph's any more.

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned having a c-section on the blog or not. I know I posted MJ's birth story but that was 2 years ago. I was in labor with him for 22 hours and my cervix wouldn't go to 10 cm. Then he got a fever, I got a fever, his heartrate dropped dramatically and they did an emergency c-section. My doctor recommended this time just going straight for the c-section and I didn't argue. Wednesday, June 18 is the big day!!