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Friday, June 13, 2008

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Tonight while Jason was home for supper, Mackinley thought he'd try on Daddy's work boots. He didn't make it very far! If you look closely at the second picture, you can see that he's kind of laughing and kind of fussing. LOL

Then he tried on Daddy's sandals and made it a bit farther!

Next he put on Momma's flip flops and made it the furthest of all! Does this mean Momma has the easiest shoes to fill?!?! :)


Keetha said...

These are WAY too cute and funny!!!!

What an adorable little guy!!!

Heather said...

No you are just lighter on your feet than jason! LOL MJ is adorable! You are the bestest mommy!!

grammy said...

Laughed so hard, I actually cried!!! The one pic looks like he was looking back to see just how far he had actually gone. LOVE the title of the blog!!!

Runningamuck said...

So cute! What is it with boys and their daddy's boots? My boys do the same thing... and "settle" for my shoes when they get tired of tripping in Daddy's.

Love the onesie/boots outfit. He might start a new fad. lol.

Four more days... but who's counting?! =0)

Phil & Kathy said...

HIlarious! I love his expressions. What a ham!