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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Baker Reunion

Saturday we went to a Baker family reunion on Clark Lake in Brooklyn Michigan.

Piper got to meet her (other) name sake, Great Grandma Baker! Piper's middle name comes from 2 special relatives. My sister, Korie (who's middle name is Renee) and Grandma Baker, who's name is Rena. This is why Piper's middle name is Renae. :) Hope you could follow that. LOL

Piper and her cousin, Blake, are exactly 3 weeks apart. Blake will be 6 weeks old on Wednesday and Piper will be 3 weeks old.

See, Kamma, she does have some things that aren't pink! :)


Kittelson Korner said...

Little Girls are supposed to have LOTS OF PINK!! I'll Make sure of that for Piper!! hehe

Heather said...

Now I will know what Piper will look like at 6 weeks!! lol look at the difference 3 weeks makes!! WOW!

grammy said...

That is a darling outfit she has on!!! I recognized right away "who" she was wearing..."Not Your Daughters Jeans"!!!! Those jeans are to die for!!!!

Keri, you are going to have sooo much fun dressing her. I remember so well how you performed "style shows" with Kelly, Korie & Kyle. I think your dad picked up a few ideas. Remember the video at Naples where he was "styling"!!! Ha!!

Keetha said...

I can see that Piper has gained weight in the week since I've seen her!!! She is cute in other colors too - - - but I also LOVE the pink. She's pretty in pink!!!

And Macky's got another of my favorites - - - - a BLACK BEAR!!!!

grammy said...

We LOVE that bear alson..is it Macky's to keep??? If not, gotta see if we can find him one...he "looks" good with that bear!!!

Cousin Pam said...

Keri: Was this at Pat's house? Sure wish I had been there. :(

Who else was there besides the pretty kids. Is Julie Laura's little girl?

Dying for more details!!! Heehee.

Keri said...

Grammy -

The bear is not Macky's to keep.

Cousin Pam -

Yes, we were at Pat & Bob's. Here's who was there: The Westlakes: Bob & Karen, Shawn, Heather, Krista and their kids; Bob's sister Kathy, Laura and her husband Jason and yes, Julie is Laura's daughter; Jim & Rena, Jim & Cindy, Michael, Heather & Cory, Dan & Mandy and their boys, Elsie, Kate Moore, I'm sure there were a few more but it's hard for me to remember. LOL

Phil & Kathy said...

So sweet. Piper is so cute!