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Sunday, February 19, 2012

daily life in the baker house

All of these pictures are from yesterday (Saturday). This is a typical Saturday for us. Daddy sleeps and we hang out (yes, Mack is in his underwear and yes, he will kill me one day for posting this picture). Piper has fallen in love with puzzles. I am amazed with how good she is at figuring them out! Those Heavilin genes are hard at work! :)

Some random pictures of Piper doing what Piper does.  I seem to have lots more pictures of her than the other two and I have come to the conclusion there are three reasons for that:  1) Piper is here with me a lot more than Kaeleigh and Mack. 2) Piper LOVES to have her picture taken, the other two can take it or leave it. 3) We took LOTS of pictures of Kae and Mack when they were Piper's age...so it's all fair in life and love and photo ops. Right? Right!


Alyx said...

Aww, I really love this post!! Your family is so cute.

Pam said...

Didn't even think about Mack's red shorts being underwear, but I did notice his runny nose! Playing beats nose wiping any day!!

I am mega impressed with Piper's puzzle skills. Those genes went totally to your mother & skipped right over me.

Thanks for removing word veri!