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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

marriage enrichment

This past weekend was AMAZING.  Jason and I get to go away each year in February, just the two of us, for two nights in a hotel.  Our church hosts a Marriage Enrichment Weekend.  Saturday we have a speaker and every single year we have learned, grown together in Jesus, fallen more in love with Him and each other, adopted new attitudes and traditions...it's just wonderful.

We're so thankful for my parents, who used to take our kids for us before they abandoned moved away from us, and for my sister Korie and her husband Chris who have taken care of our kids the past 2 years so we can get away.  I know by now you're wondering "WHAT does all of this have to do with your weird picture?!"  Well...in order to go away, I needed to clean up our filth so Korie & Chris didn't have to live in it! So Friday I mopped the bathroom floor.  But I used too much bleach and water and I just couldn't get it all mopped up!  Then I remembered Danny Tanner in "Full House".  Remember him?!  He would use the above method to dry his kitchen floor after mopping it!  I thought "well...it's worth a try."  And you know what?  It was PERFECT!!!  You'll thank me.  Or Danny Tanner.

We spent Friday night alone.  We went on a date (we went to Naked Tchopstix this year for our first sushi date!), we spent time alone and just enjoyed each other's company.  With one rule:  NO talking about the children! :)  We stopped by Target on our way back to the hotel and scored Settlers of Catan!!  Have you played it??  It's soooo fun!!!!

Saturday is the seminar.  This year the speaker was absolutely wonderful!  "Fun" is not the word I would use to describe this time...but the subject matter was "Claiming Your Baggage" and it was deep, raw, vulnerable, and perfect for bonding with your other half.  Our Sunday School leader used the perfect word when he described it as "sacred".

After the seminar we spent time with lots of awesome friends.  We are so blessed...our church family is chock full of brothers and sisters in Christ who truly feel like family.  Another favorite part of the weekend for us is all the EATING OUT!!! :)  We had TGI Friday's for lunch Saturday and Granite City for dinner! Mmmmm!

If you're married and your church offers something like this...DO IT!  It's wonderful.  If your church doesn't and you'd like to attend ours...DO IT!! :)

We have been playing LOTS of Catan now that we own our very own board.  And can you tell by this picture there's been another upgrade in the Baker House?!  I'm very excited about it...stay tuned. :)


Brett said...

New camera???

Jason *Go Blue* said...

I look forward to it each year too! It also takes place at a perfect time, winter time. I think it helps push us through the end of winter. Speaking of that...come on Spring!

Alyx said...

Did you get a new camera?

Chelsea said...

I LOVE Settlers of Catan. Seriously, LOVE. I am always begging people to play with me.

Also. I echo the comments above: New camera? Your pictures look great!

Natalie said...

Wish we could have got a game of Catan in with you guys, especially with the super sweet new board!!! PS. I look exhausted in that picture :( Booo!!

Kara said...

Sounds like a great weekend, and an awesome seminar!

Also, I tagged you on my blog!