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Friday, February 10, 2012

new hair{s}

As I mentioned last week, I recently got a fresh hair cut and color from my fabulous awesome amazing stylist sister, Korie, at Bobby Cooper Salon in Indy (yes, that is a plug for her and that salon...if you're in the area, check them out!).  I'm always super happy when I leave the salon. And the next day...but then the third day, I wash my hair and all Korie's fabulous styling goes down the drain.  I'm just not as talented as she is (well, duh, she's had lots of awesome training but still...she's got a gift I simply don't have).

Yesterday I found a tutorial for a bouncy, lifted hairstyle.  I thought it would probably be really difficult and involve the use of a roundbrush (this girl is way too clumsy and awkward to master the dang roundbrush!) but I decided to watch it anyway.  Then I got kind of excited because it seemed doable AND no roundbrush!

Since I had to do my self-portrait today for February Photo Challenge, I decided that's the perfect reason to try the new hairstyle, I have no where else to go so if it was a complete flop it wouldn't be a huge deal, but if it worked, I might have sweet hair for the picture. Vain?  Yeah...probably.

It was easy, the girl in the tutorial is sweet and cute, and easy to understand.  Only one thing I would add, just in case you're like me and don't know this...your hair is STINKIN' HOT right out of a flatiron!  I'm pretty sure I have third degree burns. Ok, I exaggerate.  But seriously, be prepared for the molten lava hot strands of silky bouncy-ness. 

I love it!! What do you think?!  If you want to do it yourself, go HERE


Danavee said...

Roundbrushes are dead to me. One mishap too many.

Alyx said...

Your hair looks great!
And I don't do round brushes - I once had to cut one out of my hair... don't ask me how it got THAT tangled, because to this day I still have no idea.
Needless to say... I haven't touched one of those puppies in years.

Keetha Broyles said...

Fluffy, puffy, cuteness!

No round brushes for me either.

Kara said...

Love it! Very cute - and the color looks fab!

Heather said...

VERY, VERY, VERY cute! I looooove it! Round brushes are of the devil!

Ally said...