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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

{40 days for life} day 15 ~ Maryn Michelle

Today is Day 15 of the 40 Days for Life campaign. 182 babies have been saved!  Click here to see what these posts are all about.

Maryn's Mom, my good friend Brett, says:  "Maryn Michelle joined our family on September 9, 2003 at 2:30 PM and weighed in at 7lbs 3 ozs. Small compared to the other two, only because we opted for induction two weeks early so as not have a 10lb 10oz baby if the pattern held true! She was born on her great-grandma Mary’s birthday, hence the root of her first name. A third child with a brother in afternoon kindergarten and a sister in morning school, she pretty much hit the ground running! The transition of bringing Maryn home and jumping back into family life was a sweet one. We’ve always referred to her as our little “joy ball” as she is very bouncy, fun, and has a smile that absolutely lights up whatever room she is in. She’s always had beautiful blonde curls and pools of blue eyes to match the bounciness. Maryn is passionate, very loving and affectionate, outgoing, and does not like to miss ANYTHING! She is a FUN KID! She loves to dance, sing, read her Bible (truly…she loves her Bible at bedtime), play with her dolls, play soccer and be with people all the time. She has a love/hate relationship with her role of “baby of the family”. When it works for her, she loves it. When it doesn’t work, she hates it! There really is no in between with Miss Maryn. At 8 years old, she is like a combination of a fire cracker and a beautiful, refreshing waterfall all wrapped up in one precious package. As a family we simply cannot imagine life without Maryn – she truly completed the McBride Family upon her arrival and we are confident God has great plans for His little servant!"

Visit 40 Days for Life for help, info, questions, etc.

I am pleading that you pray with me for the Lord to end abortion.  He loves the babies.  He loves the mothers.  He loves the fathers.  He loves the doctors.  He loves those who have already made the choice and are now living each day with the after-effects of that decision.  He's waiting with open arms...run to Him!

Proverbs 31:8 "Speak up for those who have no voice, for the justice of all who are dispossessed."

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