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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

buffets and tips for our trip

Last Monday my India team had a fundraiser at our local Pizza Hut. We served as waiters and waitresses, drink fetchers, and table clear-ers. In exchange, our team received $1 from each buffet sold and all tips for the duration we were serving. It was a lot of fun! My most favorite job I've ever had was being a waitress so I enjoyed doing that again. We all seemed to mesh well together, we shared lots of laughs too! I think we have an excellent bunch of people!

Natalie & me

Paul & Shaun

 Andy, Andy (Double A!) and Joel

(me again) & Erica

Our fearless leader Matt! (I saw him on the phone and couldn't resist the photo opp! He really did help the team, not just stand around on his phone...just don't tell him I said that!) Joel is his son, and his daughter Tiffani is on the team too (the only picture we had of Tiffani was super blurry! BOO! Trust me, she's cute and sweet and I'll make sure to get her picture!).

We also had three awesome people who aren't even on our team helping us! Natalie's husband, Josh...

 a good friend and FCW "coworker" Janee...

and Tim, who went to Uganda this past summer with another team. These three worked their tails off! Talk about servants...they're not even on the team but volunteered to come help us since our team of 10 wasn't enough. Awesome!!!

Of course my fam came to stuff their faces with pizza be supportive!

It was a successful night! We raised somewhere between $1600-$1700 and began forming bonds, which is priceless.


Courtney B said...

This is SO AWESOME, Keri! What an amazing night to be apart of!

Alyx said...

Awesome! So glad you guys were able to make so much - that's greaT!

Danielle Winborg @Sugar Blossom Boutique said...

congrats on your fundraiser!! that's wonderful you guys were able to make that much money :) you look beautiful, btw!