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Thursday, May 24, 2012

{thursday} tid bits

I love great blue herons. I wrote a research paper on them when I was in middle school and have loved them ever since. We see this one on our walks very frequently, but I never have the camera or if I do, he flies away as soon as we stop. But Monday he let me snap away while he hunted fish for his lunch.

I also spotted this little guy sunning and stretching on a rock.

Jason snapped this one as I found my way through the sinking sand to the rock for this project.

...all "leftovers"

I got new glasses!

Another sneak peek!

I feel like a blog failure lately. 
I haven't had any meaningful, witty, funny or even interesting posts in quite some time. 
Please forgive me! I have ideas for posts...I just need the time to sit down and write them!
If you're still faithfully following me, thank you.
I promise I'll be back!



Alyx said...

I love the pictures of the heron - they are AMAZING. Seriously.
And I can't wait to see all of your family pics - it looks like they turned out fabulous!

Keetha Broyles said...

The Great Blue Heron is just that! Those photos are amazing.

And I LOVE the little turtle foot stretching out to the side!