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Saturday, August 18, 2012

india - days 6 & 7 {hyderabad}

(Continuing my India story. If you missed them are interested, you can catch up:)
Days 1-4
Days 4 & 5
Day 5

Friday June 22, Day 6
Day 6 was nothing but traveling.
We had a 7 hour drive from Hubli to Bangalore.
I spent a lot of that time journaling, praying, and praising Jesus.
I listened to my iPod and every song seemed to speak for me.
It was a special and sweet time...just me and Jesus in our own little world.
The perfect follow-up to the huge event Day 5 was!

We saw lots of India's beautiful countryside.
We had a chance to visit with each other.
Although we were traveling, I remember feeling very relaxed and rested.
Shaun amazed us all by creating our first video
while he was crammed in the very back of an SUV.
In case you missed it before...here it is:

After our 7 hour drive to Bangalore, we flew to Hyderabad,
ate some supper, and crashed.

Saturday June 23, Day 7
On Day 7 we did a lot of visiting.
One of FCW's main goals is to make sure our partners can
be self-sustainable. We want to give them a hand-up,
not a hand-out.
One of Pastor Sudhakar's (our ministry partner in Hyderabad)
self-sustainability projects is a farm.
The farm has cows. Those cows produce milk, etc, which in-turn
provides income. This income doesn't just affect the farm & the ministry...
it affects the whole village and beyond.
People are employed at the farm. That puts food on their table.
They can feed their families, they can share with their neighbors.
Orphans live at the farm with a married couple who serves as
"Mom & Dad" for these children who may not have parents otherwise.

(Maybe this sounds appealing to you? Visit our Special Projects page for many ways to get involved!)

We also visited several orphan homes.
These homes have children (ideally 10) and two "parents",
a married couple who act as "Mom & Dad" for these children.
In one of the boys' homes, they danced for us.
It was fabulous!
They gave us (HOT!) coffee or tea every where we went.
They showed us their lovely homes, shared their smiles with us,
and encouraged and lifted our spirits more than they will ever know.

We learned that one of the boys wanted to run away.
He said he didn't really like having to go to school and follow rules.
So all the guys from our team asked if they could pray for him.
(Top left...the largest photo)
It was so wonderful to see our guys bring this boy before the Lord.
The boy really seemed to respond, too, he was wiping his eyes and
I could tell he was listening.
I wonder what he thought of these white men praying for him,
lifting him up. I hope he was encouraged and inspired to keep fighting
the good fight.

Jason, the kids and I sponsor a little boy named Chennakeshavulu.
Chenna just happens to live in one of the homes we visited.
What a BLESSING to have the privilege to meet Chenna!!!
He doesn't speak English, but we had no problem connecting
and communicating. Look at that smile of his!! He introduced me
to his friends and his brother. We sat together and it was so nice
just to be with him.

This is why I love Forgotten Children Worldwide.
These kids are surrounded in love. They are joyful. They are hopeful.
Without these ministries, they may be beggars in the streets,
turning to horrible choices out of desperation and hunger.
But instead, they know Jesus. They have full bellies.
They are learning, they are growing.
The cycle of poverty is being broken.

Now come on...you know I can't finish this story about meeting
my sponsored child without giving YOU an opportunity to sponsor
a child as well! You could even go on a trip and meet them...
just like I did!

$25 a month is all it takes to SAVE THE LIFE OF A CHILD.
That is not just a slogan.
It is truth.
I've seen it with my own eyes (TWICE NOW).
Sponsorship saves lives. For less than $1 a day.
And FCW is unique...
100% of your $25 sponsorship fee
No overhead.
No administrative costs.
No salaries.
No travel funds.

That's the same cost as ordering pizza once.
What's holding you back?

Many are waiting...YOU could be the ONE to save a life.


Keetha Broyles said...

Great post! I recognized which one was Chenna before you even talked about him. So glad you got to meet him in person.

Ditto what Keri said about FCW being a good organization through which to sponsor a child.

Alyx said...

What a great post! And it's amazing to see that bright, big smile.

Danavee said...

Hey. You are missed. Just sayin.