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Thursday, November 01, 2012

no tricks, just TREATS please! {and pumpkins}

We do not:
Celebrate evil.
Glorify darkness.

We do:
Enjoy jack-o-lanterns
and pumpkins
and color-changing leaves
and chilly, misty, evenings
and dressing up in fun costumes
and candy
and seeing our children thoroughly pleased 
{or disgusted??}
with every detail.

Jason drew about a dozen different jack-o-lantern ideas on a piece of paper.
The kids then picked which one they wanted for their pumpkin.
Mack chose the traditional one on the left.
Piper's is the pirate on the right.
The stack in the middle is fake and electric...haha!

The cutest fairy and Batman in the universe.
I may be a tad bit biased.
They each got quite a haul of sweets and goodies...
and we didn't even leave our little neighborhood!


Aaron and Jill said...

They look adorable :) I love your comments at the beginning of your post.

Danavee said...

I just cackled. The stack in the middle. Fake and electric.


Keetha Broyles said...

Fake and electric is clean and easy.

LOVE the Halloween shots - especially the one from the back as they knock on the door.

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh yah, more thieving going on over here - - -

Alyx said...

You're not biased - they're definitely the cutest.

And I love the pirate pumpkin!

Deidre said...

Love the pirate pumpkin!