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Saturday, December 29, 2012

this holiday break we...

...went over the river and through the woods
to two different grandmother's houses!
We enjoyed wonderful time with our family in Michigan.

...delivered sweet Christmas spirit.

...celebrated Jesus' birth with our amazing church family.
(Mack got to be Joseph! The kids did a "dance"...it was very difficult to get any pictures!)

...enjoyed Christmas day here at home.
With Uncle Kyle.
And Skyped-in Kamma & Papoo.
And LOTS of presents from all over the United States.
We are blessed. We are spoiled. :)

Our break has been perfectly quiet, relaxing, lazy, and even snowy.
We hope you are also enjoying this holiday season!

1 comment:

Keetha Broyles said...

LOVE this post!

Fun to see Mandy's boys again.

GREAT to see Kyle.

For a SECOND I thought Pipes was Kae in the "angel" picture.

Fun to see you seeing us seeing you!!