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Saturday, March 02, 2013

family. babies. dedication. cake!

Today our family gathered from near and far...as far as Naples Florida and Sitka Alaska...
to near old Marion Indiana. We gathered to stand beside David & Misti as Grandpa
dedicated their youngest chiclet, Morgan, to the Lord.

We celebrated life! New life and cherished life.
Family life.

Even silly life!

Not all of us could make it for the event, and we missed those who were missing!
But it was wonderful to be together all the same.

Attempting to get a picture of all the cousins together proved to be pretty much impossible.
But still oh so cute!

I love my Misti Kist! Can't wait to have her back "stateside".
Mist has always been more like another sister than just a plain ol' cousin!

I have always believed and believe it still...
there are few things more precious than a man loving on children!
And our family is full of them!

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Keetha Broyles said...

I "stole" most of these from the album you sent me and they're on my blog today too!