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Thursday, March 07, 2013

yellow rice with greens & sausage {easy}

This recipe is so simple and so delicious. It's one of our "regulars" in the rotation here at the ol' Baker house.
Before I share the recipe, I want to say a few words about two of the ingredients...

This rice is what makes the recipe so darn easy. AND definitely contributes to the yum factor.
The rice is already seasoned with saffron and other deliciousness so this drastically reduces the amount of time you're going to spend seasoning and tasting and wondering "What's missing??".

Don't do it! Don't roll your eyes and think "Yeah, I've tried turkey sausage and it's CRAP" and then walk away thinking I'm a crazy person. Yes, MOM...I'm talking to YOU! And others like you! We have stopped buying pork sausage and switched over completely to this. Why? Because we're health nuts? If you know us, you know that ain't the case! BUT...we do love to eat and we really don't want to weigh 5343829 pounds so we try to make better choices. This sausage tastes NO different than pork sausage. Seriously. And it has half the calories. So for me...that's a no-brainer right there! Trust me...try it...if you hate it, I will sincerely apologize and never bring it up again. But you just might love it and thank me!

Ok, enough rambling. On to the recipe!

Yellow Rice with Greens & Sausage

1 16oz roll Honeysuckle White Turkey Breakfast Sausage (or your choice of protein)
2 tsp olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped (or a handful of frozen chopped onions if you're lazy like yours truly)
1 16oz pkg Vigo Saffron Yellow Rice
4-5 cups water (or chicken stock)
1 cup (or more) frozen sweet peas
a nice big pile of fresh spinach leaves, chopped
a wad of fresh cilantro, chopped
(those last two ingredients really depend on your own personal taste)
salt & pepper to taste

In a large skillet with a tight-fitting lid, heat the olive oil and brown the sausage over medium-high heat. Season with salt & pepper while the sausage browns. Add the onions and saute until translucent. Pour in the entire contents of Vigo rice. Stir and allow to cook for a few minutes, soaking up any leftover oil and fat from the sausage. Add 4 cups of water. Bring to a boil. Cover and reduce the heat to simmer.

Allow to simmer for 20 minutes or so. Check your rice after 15 minutes and add more water if it is beginning to stick too much to the bottom of your skillet (a little sticking is yummy!). Once the rice is cooked and tender (but not mushy!), add the peas, spinach, and cilantro. Turn the heat down to low and stir just until combined and the peas are warmed through.



Melodee said...

yum! pinning this to try!!

Karlene said...

I'm going to try this next week. Always looking for different recipes and ideas. Sometimes the family likes them and sometimes not so much - but we try! Looks like a good one to me!