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Thursday, July 18, 2013

waaaay over due...

I think perhaps the only readers I have left would be my Mama and my Grammy and my Grandpa Broyles!
This poor little abandoned blog.
But even if all that's left is Mom and Grammy and Grandpa...
they are worth EVERY post
because I love them dearly!
So...Mom, Grammy, & Grandpa...
here is your waaay overdue update.

Piper had a birthday!
I can't believe our baby is five.
We celebrated with CoCo China,
and when we got home she had precious parcels from Naples awaiting her!
With a new bike and countless blessings from Grandpa & Robin,
her birthday was all a sweet little five year old could wish for!

Turning five means Kindergarten.
Kindergarten means check-ups.
THREE of them!
Eyes, teeth, and body...
all in tip-top shape.
This little Peanut is ready for learnin'!

We invited the Gerber kids to spend a WHOLE DAY with us!
Fun was had by all...big and small.

Mom took the kids for a few days.
It was HEAVEN for all of us!
Well...maybe not for Mom & Dad...
but the Baker five were extremely blessed by Kamma Kamp!

In between all the major events,
we've been soaking up our summer.
Bike rides, kisses, playgrounds.
Splash pads, swimming pools, and water slides.
Campfires including the s'mores, silly faces.
Burnt french fries to remind us of Papoo.
Mack's Mother's Day gift - two tiny shoots in a styrofoam cup
that have now grown into a beautiful marigold plant.

We hope you are also enjoying an extremely blessed summer!!!


Jill said...

Great update :) Love reading about your family!

Korie said...

We always read it!! :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Lots o fun stuff here.

We always LOVE hosting Kamma Kamp, and it's REALLY cool when our McD's offers free crafts and cones and makes me look like I had a really good plan!!!