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Friday, December 13, 2013

this kid

Mack had a field trip today. All the 2nd graders went to two of the nursing homes in Bluffton and sang Christmas carols and spread some Christmas cheer. Precious!

This morning he eyed the clothes I had laid out for him to wear to school. He said "I'm NOT wearing that sweater thing to school, right?"

I said "Yes, buddy! You look SO HANDSOME in it and the little ladies you see today will LOVE it!"

He started getting dressed reluctantly.

He tried again. "Mama, how about I just wear the shirt and leave the stupid sweater at home?"

"Mack! No! Trust your mother, you are SO HANDSOME in that sweater!"


"Mama! Mack threw his sweater!" Pipes Piper.

After finding the sweater in a crumpled heap on the floor, and Mack in a stubborn knees-drawn-to-chest position, I knew it was time to get serious.

"Mack. You ARE wearing the sweater to school. Whether or not you have a good attitude about it and let it ruin your day is up to you. But you ARE wearing it. No more throwing it. No more discussion. Just put it on before we're late."

In the car on the way to school he says "I will take it off and hide it in my backpack."

To which I reply "If you do that, you will be in BIG trouble. And you KNOW I will find out."

Pouting silence.

"I will leave my coat on ALL DAY" says the boy.

"No you won't," I said. "You will get TOO hot and I know you can't handle that. Why do you hate it so much?!"

"Because people will say it's stupid, because it IS stupid."

"Well if anyone says that to you, you just tell them it is NOT stupid and that you're handsome." says the wise mother that I am.

"I will NOT say that." Mack mumbles.

Out the door he goes, with a scowl. Until he makes eye contact and I say "I LOVE YOU BUDDY!!! Have a great day!", under the scowl peeks an ornery grin.

Fast forward to the end of the day...

"Mack! Did anyone say your sweater was stupid?!" I ask.

Sheepishly he replies "No...I got two compliments. Mrs. Zella said I looked handsome and KYLIE said 'NICE!'".

It took much discipline to keep my big mouth from yelling "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!"

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