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Monday, February 24, 2014

oh, hey!

Soooo it's been a while.
We've had a lot of this going on:

Indiana NEVER sees this much snow!
We have loved every single flake.
The kids got to have a bunch of extra days at home...

...and we've had some of this going on:

We shared the Super Bowl with our dear friends, the Gerbers.
We all refer to each other endearingly as "The Stoops" (it's a long story that would bore you...)
so we dubbed it "The Stooperbowl".
Yummy snacks, lots of laughs, and frankly...not that much football!

The Forgotten Children Worldwide Benefit Dinner & Concert Night(s) happened...
at the beginning of February...success!
God continues to bless this ministry beyond anyone's wildest dreams.
And while we've had our share of storms and dark days,
He's never forsaken us nor allowed us to fall.
We'll soon have FIVE HUNDRED sponsored children!
500!! When I began volunteering for FCW 5 years ago, we had less than 100!
God is amazing.

Someone had a birthday....

...and sadly these are the only pictures we took!
He was pretty pleased that school was CLOSED just for him on his birthday.
Ok, maybe it was the foot of snow and 25 below zero wind chill but shhh....don't tell Mack!
It's hard to believe this boy is 8!
He is the most compassionate, kind, funny, sweet, ornery kid on the planet
and there's no way we could be any prouder of our boy.
The girls are beginning to notice...
but thankfully he's still more interested in Minecraft than silly girls. :)

Last but not least...we know a sweet little girl who had a mid-winter ballet performance last weekend:

Our little ballerina was the best baby crow and baby spider IN THE WORLD!
Yes, we're biased.
We're allowed to be biased from time to time!


Alyx said...

Glad to see you back! Your kids are as cute as ever! :)

Keetha Broyles said...

love the snow
and the Stooper Bowl
and the kids
and everything.