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Friday, November 14, 2014

hey look! a new post!

No...I'm not a fail wife! He WANTED peanut butter chocolate chip cookies instead of a cake.
We had a great time celebrating our amazing daddy and husband.
He's a gift!!

An enderman and Steve...if you have no clue what I'm talking about,
click here. All three of our kids looooove Minecraft!
Halloween was freezing and raining but that didn't stop these two from filling their buckets!

I forced them all to dress nicely then I dragged them out for pictures.
They'll thank me when they're adults.
That's what I kept telling them as we tried to find the perfect spot in the freezing wind.
We REALLY wanted to use the beautiful area with the railroad track, but it was just too
windy and cold and the sun was too bright. I do love this picture I got of 
our handsome little man, though. :)
Stay tuned for more from this photo session...closer to Christmas!

These three though...

I rode down with Ashley for her hair appointment and some girl time with my BFF and sister.

Baby Lance is so close to her arrival!!!
We had Korie's first shower last Sunday, hosted by one of her clients in
her beautiful home. Korie and Baby were showered with love and gifts!
And Misti made the trek all the way from North Carolina, so fun!

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