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Friday, January 23, 2015

let's catch up

I don't know how this happened!
I always said "NEVER will we have a dog, and especially NOT in the house!"
Now we have this little guy...and he's with me 80% of the time!
And guess what?
I love him.
Hershel is the perfect little guy for our family!
He loves to lounge around and nap and snuggle...he fits right in!

We had so much time with family!
Even Mom and Dad were here for a while and we had our first Broyles family Christmas
in so long none of us could remember the last one!
We have a new baby girl, another on the way, and Kyle and Yuki got engaged!!
We are growing in size and in blessings.

Did I mention we have a new baby girl?!
Harlow Mae Lance was born on December 27, just after midnight!
She's sweet and precious and beautiful and we're all in love.
Harlow is Grandpa John's 8th great grandchild!!

We've had some snow...
but not nearly enough!!
We're still waiting for "the big one".
(please please please!!!)

We hope you had a very merry Christmas and a celebratory New Year's Eve!
Maybe I'll get back on the blogging train...

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