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Monday, March 03, 2008

West Palm Beach, FL shooting

I'm having a terrible time after hearing about a shooting that happened today. You can read the full story here. I'll paraphrase the gist of it. Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue Lt. Rafael Vazquez was in training today for his job. For his lunch break, he met his wife and small son at Wendy's for lunch. They got their food and headed for the car, realizing the son's toy was not in his meal. So Lt. Rafael went back in to get a toy for his son. While standing at the counter, he was shot in the back and killed by a shooter dressed in a suit and tie with a ballcap on, who then opened fire on the restaurant, wounding 3 others and finally shooting and killing himself.

My biggest fear is losing Jason. Because of his line of work, it's a real issue that we talk about and I'm not naive enough to think that it could never happen to us. This news story is way too close to home for me. It sounds like EXACTLY something we would be doing on any given day. I can't imagine the pain this wife and mother is feeling and the complete loss. How do you answer your toddler when he asks "Where's Daddy?" How do you go to bed at night knowing he's never coming home?

I've been sobbing since reading the news story. I know God has a master plan and we don't know what it is but I can't see why in the world a father and husband had to be snatched away today while getting a toy for his son in a Wendy's. And why does the shooter get to die? Why doesn't he have to be punished for his HORRIBLE and meaningless crime?? Yes, I know, if he's in Hell that's punishment but I just don't get it.


Keetha said...

Jordan P and Andrew L both live in West Palm. Blake P, Jordan's older brother is a policeman there.

There are no answers for random shootings. They are just hard and painful.

We'll just have to hold Jason up to the Lord for his protection.

Anonymous said...

There is no planning for random acts of violence like that. There have been acts like this for decades. Think of the phrase going postal for awhile it seems like postal employees were going off the deep end and killing coworkers. Look at all the college / school shootings within the last decade.

It may be that the media is covering these stories more, which in turn is giving some of these people ideas on.

I could have been that guy just going on my lunch break. Yes, Jason does have a higher risk job, but sometimes it is even a higher risk just to go into a city on a Friday or Saturday night.

Give me the country life anytime. I still feel much safer living in the country than in a city.

Mooooooooo from rural (okay maybe not that rural) wisconsin.

Gooooooooooo Sun!!