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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today Mackinley and I went to Kim's (and Olivia and Lilly) house. We are having a garage sale Saturday and we wanted to work on getting stuff ready.

Mackinley put a necklace on...

...and did Olivia's hair! I think it's time for Daddy to come home! Geez

This is so precious

DADDY IS HOME!!! I didn't announce on the blog (for obvious reasons) that Jason has been gone since Saturday for some training for work. We missed him so much and we are SO HAPPY to have him home!! I found out that I could be a single mother if I absolutely had to be but I in no way shape or form want to be one EVER! I am so blessed with such a wonderful husband and he's never allowed to leave again! hehe

Mackinley is so thrilled to have Daddy back in his arms!

My handsome men.

Mackinley had to try on Jason's helmet! Jason was training to be a bicycle officer while he was gone.


Jason said...

It feels great to be home!!! I had a good time but missed my family.

Char said...

Jason! You should comment more often. I'm sure you have interesting views on things!

I was going to say great pics - and how mature Macky looks!

Keetha said...

OK - - - so you SPOILED us Sunday through Wednesday and no I've had to go cold turkey with no new pictures since Wednesday!!!!

Booo Hooo Hooo for me.

Luna said...

I think by those pictures that Daddy is more glad to be home LOL