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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This morning Mackinley made a huge mess in the living room. Which is customary!

We ran some errands.

He decorated his t-shirt with garage sale stickers.

We ate supper. We tried something new and it was really yummy! Stauffer's Teriyaki Chicken and Rice in a bag! Check your freezer section! :)

We went to the playground with Sarah and Tyrah. (Sarah, why don't we do this more often?? We live right down the street from each other and our husbands even have the same work schedule! We're silly for not doing this all the time!) Mackinley had fun with Tyrah and I thoroughly enjoyed some girl talk. I probably talked too much, in fact! LOL

Mackinley ran over the bridge all by himself without help from Momma tonight!

Tyrah and Mackinley had some Dora cookies while the Mom's chatted.

Then it was bathtime and bedtime! Another very full day and I'm sleepy!


Keetha said...

Go look at Jaena's blog and see what kind of a "very full day" SHE had!!!!!

Lone Butterfly said...

WooHoo! Running across the bridge without help from Momma. Next thing you know he'll be wanting to borrow the car keys. ;)

I love your daily snapshots.

Chrissy said...

what cute pictures :) I like the after bath shot with momma.

grammy said...

Keri, we are spoiled now and want pix everyday...really enjoyed the jounaling!!!! Just kidding!!! But thaks for sharing memories!!!

grammy said...

ooops!!! my mind is going faster than fingers tonite!!!