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Monday, April 21, 2008


A day in the life of Mackinley! Daddy wasn't with us again today so we have another photographic recount of our day. MJ woke up around 8:30 (yes, he's always this happy in the morning)

Brushing his teeth

Enjoying his morning oatmeal and "Blue's Clues"

Playing with his two favorite cars on his favorite pillow

Momma grabbing some snuggle time!

Looking outside and playing with his race cars while Momma did housework.

Eating pizza toast for lunch and glued to "Max & Ruby"

My friend Kim needed someone to watch her girls for a couple of hours today so we had Olivia (2-1/2) and Lilly (9 months) for a little while! Mackinley had fun...when he wasn't in time-out for being mean! Olivia told me she was scared of Mackinley. LOL!! They both got better, though, and played well.

Mackinley and I went to the playground. His new bubble machine was a big hit!! With all the kids there, not just MJ! LOL

He climbed up the ladder and went down the slide all by himself for the first time today!

After supper (big exciting Kraft Macaroni & Cheese), Mackinley had a bath where he was ornery as usual!

Then he got to talk to Daddy on the webcam before going to bed for the night. WHEW what a day!


Jason said...

Thanks so much again for the great pictures sweetie!!! I don't think I could pick one as my fav...they were all so good.

I love you!

Keetha said...

What a cutie!!!s

Did the new bubble machine throw out lots of bubbles at once like that little one he played with at Cracker Barrel? Just wondering 'cause the bubbles don't show up in the pictures.

Keri said...

Yeah it does lots more bubbles than that one at Cracker Barrel did! He loves it!!

Luna said...

WOW!! That was a big fun filled day!!

Lone Butterfly said...

He looks like he should have been tuckered out by the end of Monday! I am diggin his pjs and especially the picture of him and his girlfriend on the matching tricycles. ;)

Don C. said...

Glad to see he has good taste in cars! Vette's are my fav, AND my factory makes most of the fiberglass body for GM. I also like the pic of Mackie and his Harley Momma riding together. :-)

Keri said...

His Uncle Kelly gave him that car for Christmas and he plays with it every single day. Most of the things he plays with every single day came from Uncle Kelly!

Char said...

Are you sure you're ready for him to be a big boy? In some of those pictures he looks pretty grown up! Except for the bath in the utility sink, of course!