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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Mom & Dad with Mackinley and Aunt Pam & Misti were our first visitors Thursday.

Mackinley being ornery as usual!!!

Mackinley helped Momma open the gifts! He even tried on Piper's new hat.

Then he wanted a super hero cape made out of the tissue paper. He remembered doing this with Aunt Pam on Easter and asked her to do it for him again! Nothing gets by this kid, I tell ya.

We're so happy Aunt Pam and Misti got to come!! Misti didn't get to meet Mackinley until he was several months old (she lives in FL) so it was fun to be able to see her this soon with Piper!

Piper was relaxing with her feet propped up on my belly. It was so cute and funny!

Our next visitor was Haley! Haley loves our kids so much and we love her!!

And our last visitor was Grandma Lisa (Jason's Mom)! We had a full but great day!


Heather said...

I'm glad that MJ was so awesome during the few days! He had a blast I'm sure hes going to be mommas little helper!! You trully have a blessed family!!

Kittelson Korner said...

Mj is the cutest little stinker ever! He is such a sweetheart! I am glad that he is so gentle with her. You just never know how they will react to having another baby around.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Keri, she's beautiful!!! I hope you're getting a little bit of sleep! See you Saturday!-Betsy