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Sunday, March 04, 2012

(the look) and other things

"Hey, let's take our coughing kid to a buffet and parade them around the food, we want to make sure they cough on every. single. dish." ~Jason  SOOO Natalie, my friend, you were almost exactly right with your guess on the Coco China post.  You know us well. HA! :)

I have some randoms to share:
  • Piper is starting to sound British. I blame Angelina Ballerina.
  • There's a reason why Charmin toilet paper is more expensive. It is the best. And it's a multi-tasker. You can wipe noses, clean up wet counters, use it to apply astringent to your face, among it's obvious usage.
  • We still have our Christmas lights hanging on our gutters. NO they're not still ON...but they're still there, and our neighbor likes to remind Jason that they are...which I think in-turn causes Jason to leave them up. He's ornery like that.
  • I haven't put on actual clothing that isn't pajama pants and t-shirts since Wednesday. And even then it was only briefly because my awesome hubby took one look at me and told me I could have the night off...which meant he took the kids to Livewires AND led our ginormous wild precious group of 20ish 3rd graders BY HIMSELF.
  • Have I mentioned my husband is amazing?!
  • Our kitchen is literally Old Mother Hubbard's at the moment.
  • I play World of Warcraft. Yesterday I took my mage from 59 to 64. Be jealous.
  • NOOO I don't neglect my family and groceries to level my mage...I'm sick.  I start to think I'm feeling better so I get up and try to be productive, which makes me feel all hot and sweaty and clammy and shaky so back on the couch I go.
  • Obviously, I feel the need to defend myself against judgments which may or not be going through your mind at this moment. And I really really hate that about me...I want to let Jesus fix it.
  • These random things have gone from silly and light to deep and maybe a bit weird?!
  • I am sooo far behind on reading blogs I'm too overwhelmed to even start now.
  • This is my 2080th post!!! Whoa.
  • I'm sad Downton Abbey is already over for another season!  Have you seen it??? It rocks.

With that I will leave you.  If these aren't confessions, I don't know what is...so in that case, I am linking up with Alyx for Sunday Confessions!


Danavee said...

You are funny and I LIKE IT!

Natalie said...

I love your awesomeness!! Hope you feel better soon!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

ohh man, hope you're finally starting to feel better. You're hubby is amazing, good man you've got there! And 2080th post, holy smokes!

Alyx said...

NOOOO!!! You play WoW?
That's okay... i play medal of honor and call of duty sometimes, so I guess we're even on that.
2080 posts?!?! HOLY COW!!
I haven't seen downtown abbey, but it seems to be all the rage, so I sort of feel like a loser for not even knowing what it is! lol
Thanks for linking up!

Heather said...

I'm hoping you feel better soon. Staying in jammies for days is awesome though. Your husband sounds amazing! What a sweetheart!

Brett said...

you made me giggle :)

And...major grossness at the coughing kid at the buffet...my kids laugh at the fact I almost hyperventilate when we 'treat' them to Coco. It is a phobia for me...I'm shaking just typing this right now thinking about it.

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh man, I was WRONG about what Jason was thinking - - - I got his two looks mixed up.

Wonder how many posts I've made?