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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

here, but not

I just opened Google Reader.
I have 166 unread items!
My goodness.
Please forgive me, I am so far behind.

My mind can think of few things beside India right now.
I'm sad...and that makes me feel ashamed.
I should be thrilled! I should be excited because
I am on a path clearly forged by the Lord of Heaven and earth.
So WHY am I sad?! And overwhelmed.
I'm not smart enough for this trip...I'm inadequate.
I'm not holy or righteous, I feel out of place already
and I'm still sitting in my own living room.

Please pray for me, my team and our families.
We leave in 5 days. (4-1/2 really)

Since I've been such a Debbie Downer lately,
here are some too cute pictures of our adorable
amazing wonderful fantastic I'm-gonna-miss-them-so-much-it-hurts


Jason *Go Blue* said...

I love you B. We're going to miss you too but I bet it goes by pretty fast. You know those two have been and will be praying for you...and so will I.

Alyx said...

Pray that you can be at peace with yourself and this amazing journey that you are about to embark on!!
You will be great.
I'll pray for you, too!

Mr Hunt said...

Kerri, you just described everyone who ever had anything to do with missions, or Christ for that matter. Peter was a hot head (zealot) Thomas doubted even when Jesus was right in front of Him, and Paul, well, HE USED TO MURDER CHRISTIANS. None of us will ever be what we should be...we are humans. If we were holy, and fully capable, we wouldn't have needed Christ. Christ not only took our punishment but He made us Wholly redeemed. Satan is telling you that you are not good enough but Christ's death and resurrection prove otherwise. He loves you and so do all of us. "The more you follow Christ, the more the devil attacks you."