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Monday, January 13, 2014

christmas leftovers

The kids received this North Pole Communicator in the mail before Christmas from my Grandpa and his wife Robin. 
They got to call the North Pole every night before bed and have a conversation with various North Pole residents...
even Santa and Mrs. Clause! 
This was so much fun and the kids LOVED it!

Soon after Jason and I got married, we began daydreaming and wishing and hoping and even praying for another couple to share life with. In our WILDEST and most hope-filled dreams, this couple would have children the same ages as our children and the children would all get along splendidly and love each other like siblings. 
We knew our dreams and hopes were unlikely to come true, but we did dream on. 

Then we got to know the Gerbers. This family is a gift from God to us!! All of our wildest dreams have come true and even some we never dared to dream! Our families are scattered all over the country, so the Bakers and Gerbers have become family to each other. It's wonderful and we are so grateful and we know we are blessed!! We got together before Christmas for what we hope will become an annual tradition. We had Ashley's Swedish Pancakes with bacon and sausage, we gave gifts, we played games, we laughed and laughed some more.

(Christmas morning)

"Alright, alright...come open your presents!"

"Will this fit in my mouth?!"

This was our backyard last week!! The kids got to have a WHOLE extra week added to their Christmas break! It was absolutely perfectly wonderful. We enjoyed every single moment!!!! Today the snow is melting, I can see patches of brown earth being revealed by the dwindling snow piles. The kids are back to school and I am slowly getting back to normal.

Mack received this car-maker from Grandpa & Robin. It's so fun and really cool!! There are wax sticks that get melted into a mold and once it's cooled, he can customize his creation however he likes with stickers and various chassis'. 
We've all enjoyed this gift!

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Keetha Broyles said...

I don't even know where to begin on this one!!! The NP phone - awesome. The car maker - double awesome. And YOU making your kids wait to come out is SOOOOO cracking me up. You are an apple right at the foot of the tree.